What should I expect on my first visit?
When you arrive at our office we will ask you to complete some paperwork which will give us the details of your health history and current complaint(s). Dr. Schaefer will then review that information with you in the consultation followed by an examination focusing on your main area(s) of complaint and then, if appropriate, begin treatment.
How long is treatment?
Dr. Schaefer is a goal-oriented chiropractor. This means that right from the beginning of your treatment with Dr. Schaefer you and he will sit down and discuss what your goals are regarding your care and together both of you will come up with a treatment plan that is personally designed to assist you in attaining those goals. The length of treatment will ultimately depend on what your goals are. For more information see question #5.
How much does treatment cost?
The cost of treatment depends upon what services you desire and what treatment needs to be done. With that being said ALL of our services are reasonably priced so that we may help the majority of patients seeking care. Before any treatment plan is begun EVERY patient is informed as to cost and payment options. We are NOT in the business of surprising anyone when it comes to cost.
Do you accept insurance?

Our office does not accept insurance assignment. We have discovered from past experience (and we are not alone) that the insurance company is the one who dictates treatment, not the doctor. This is NOT an acceptable practice especially if someone is seeking to obtain optimum health. Insurance companies may pay for some treatment to alleviate symptoms but that is it. They are not in the business of paying for someone to become the best they can be. So if you have chiropractic coverage we will, as a courtesy to you, prepare an insurance form that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Do I have to keep coming forever?
The answer to this depends upon your health goals. If your goal is simply pain relief and nothing more, treatment would be rather short-lived. If your goal is optimum health then treatment would obviously take longer. How much longer would depend upon the extent of your health challenges. Pain relief care is like putting out a house fire and that's it. Optimum health would not only include pain relief but would also include rebuilding the house which would take a bit longer that just simply putting out the fire. If you are a fitness client then the length of time working closely with Dr. Schaefer would depend upon the goals you have set for yourself.
How long are the treatment sessions?
The initial chiropractic visit usually lasts about 45 minutes give or take. Follow-up visits vary in length from 10 -20 minutes depending on what treatment needs to be done. We at Chirohealthandfitness understand that your time is valuable so we always strive to remain on time and on schedule.
I want to lose weight and gain muscle. Can Dr. Schaefer help me?
The answer in most cases is a definite “yes”. However, it must be understood that to accomplish the goals of fat loss and gaining lean muscle requires a partnership between you,the patient/client, and the doctor. If the partnership succeeds, you will succeed - its that simple.
Can Dr. Schaefer come to my gym and train me?
It may be possible for Dr. Schaefer to train you at your gym. Contact us for details.