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However, these individuals can also benefit from the services offered here at Chirohealthandfitness. After all, health is defined as a state of optimal physical, mental, and social well-being. Chronic use of ibuprofen, for example, just won't allow someone to get to that state. Besides causing potentially serious side effects such as gastritis and ulcers, it is simply a “band-aid” approach that often times is not addressing the underlying cause of the patient's pain. Pain is like the “check-engine” light going off in the car. It indicates that something is wrong. It would be wise to take the vehicle to a mechanic to have it repaired. It would not be a good idea to simply cut the cable going to the check-engine light although the light would no longer be flashing. That would NOT be addressing the underlying problem but that is what many people do when it comes to their health with the chronic use of pain-relieving medications.

A better approach would be to ensure the spine is properly aligned and moving correctly; that the muscles are not tight and in spasm; that the proper nutrients are being ingested so the cells of the body have enough of the correct “fuel” for optimal cellular activity and that the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems are working at peak levels. If the goal is one of optimum health then this treatment approach will prove invaluable. We at Chirohealthandfitness are ready to help.

Contact us NOW for a FREE consultation with Dr. Schaefer.

We at Chirohealthandfitness are ready to help. Contact us NOW for a FREE consultation with Dr. Schaefer.

 Real Results
"Dr. John is my go-to guy.  I've got good Chiro-Insurance, but I prefer to pay his fair price instead because he gets results.  Since he is an
instructor in physiology (did I spell that correctly?) I'm confident when he describes not only my problem, but how the spine and muscle system are working together.  He is also very good at prescribing exercises to speed up the recovery process".

Kevin, San Diego

"Dr. John is a great chiropractor and a good friend.  About 20 years ago, I had three severe lower back incidents in rapid succession.  I started going to John, and I had no further problems until very recently when I had an "attack" that was short-lived, thanks to John.  One episode in twenty years is pretty good in my book.  I visit John once a month, sometimes a bit more frequently.  I am almost 73 and consider myself in good shape, thanks in no small measure to John Schaefer".
George S, San Diego