Chiropractic Services
Spinal manipulation is the mainstay of chiropractic care, however, Dr. Schaefer not only adjusts the spine but the extremities as well: knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, foot, etc... The purpose of the chiropractic adjustment,
whether performed on the spine or to the extremities is to restore normal alignment and movement to what are called “dysfunctional segments.” By adjusting these areas several things happen: normal range of motion is restored; nerve irritation is removed (which when present in the spine may cause organic symptoms such as chronic sinus problems, gastrointestinal complaints and respiratory symptoms to name just a few); and pain is either greatly diminished or completely eradicated. Spinal manipulation is not only safe, gentle and can benefit everyone from infants to seniors but is also a great way to prevent serious injuries that may arise as a result of sporting activities or hard training at the gym.
Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture
Oriental Medicine is a complex healing art based on the natural ability of the body to heal itself. Treatments may include acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications.
Oriental Medicine is based on the principle of balancing the body’s vital force or Qi (pronounced “chee”). This energy or electricity flows through pathways called meridians, which connect fluids, tissues, and organ systems. When the balance of this energy is disturbed, pain and illness result. Trauma, poor diet, stress, medications, hereditary conditions, or your environment can cause imbalance.

Conditions commonly treated with Oriental Medicine include:
1. Acute and chronic pain
2. Menstrual, menopausal, and fertility disorders
3. Immune imbalances
4. Chronic fatigue
5. Addictions
6. Insomnia
7. Respiratory disorders
8. Gastrointestinal disorders
9. Stress
10.Emotional disorders
Therapeutic massage is offered by a licensed massage therapist which may include any or all of the following: circulatory massage, deep tissue, reflexology, and Tui Na. Massage is an integral part of stress management.
It has many benefits including overall relaxation, improved muscle tone, pain relief, increased vascular and lymphatic circulation, increased joint range of motion and don't forget INJURY PREVENTION! Contact us NOW to schedule a personalized massage session. Don't wait until your muscles are so tight that you can barely move.
Advice on nutrition and dietary supplementation are also available on a case by case basis. Dr. Schaefer will analyze your current diet and any nutritional supplements you may or may not be taking and make the
necessary recommendations that would enable you to achieve your health/fitness goals in a timely fashion.
Personal Fitness Consultation
One on One personal fitness consultations are available with Dr. Schaefer for those whose primary goal is to gain muscle, lose fat and transform one's body. Get the body you desire as Dr. Schaefer will design a complete
personalized workout program aimed at not only assisting you in achieving you goals but with the added benefit of doing so with “injury prevention” in mind.

Want bigger biceps? NO problem.
Want six-pack abs? Absolutely.
Wider shoulders? Of course!
Lose the flabby arms?  You bet!
Have a pre-existing injury? We can work around that.

We at Chirohealthandfitness are ready to help. Contact us NOW for a FREE consultation with Dr. Schaefer.

 Real Results
"Dr. John is my go-to guy.  I've got good Chiro-Insurance, but I prefer to pay his fair price instead because he gets results.  Since he is an
instructor in physiology (did I spell that correctly?) I'm confident when he describes not only my problem, but how the spine and muscle system are working together.  He is also very good at prescribing exercises to speed up the recovery process".

Kevin, San Diego

"Dr. John is a great chiropractor and a good friend.  About 20 years ago, I had three severe lower back incidents in rapid succession.  I started going to John, and I had no further problems until very recently when I had an "attack" that was short-lived, thanks to John.  One episode in twenty years is pretty good in my book.  I visit John once a month, sometimes a bit more frequently.  I am almost 73 and consider myself in good shape, thanks in no small measure to John Schaefer".
George S, San Diego